Deceased Elementary Teachers & Substitute Teachers plus

District Non-Teaching Employees Who

Did Not Work at the High School or Middle School

of the Bethlehem Central School District.

Delmar, Albany County, New York


by Clifford Lamere    November 18, 2014

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This webpage contains an incomplete list of deceased:

1)  Elementary School Teachers and other employees at an Elementary School

2)  Substitute Teachers at any school

3)  Business Office personnel, Administrators, secretaries, custodians, bus drivers, cafeteria personnel, etc. who worked at one time in the Bethlehem Central School District (Delmar, Albany County, NY) other than at the High School or Middle School (formerly Junior High School).  Those who worked at the HS or MS (JHS) on a separate webpage.  


This webpage also contains a separate list of substitute teachers.  Links are provided to the online obituaries except for four which can be seen at the bottom of this webpage.


Please inform me of other deceased staff members which should be added to this list.  If you know where an obituary can be found on the internet, that will be very helpful. 


Note:  The Times Union newspaper (Albany, NY) archived their obituaries, but also shared many of them with Legacy.  In 2014, Times Union started to charge $2.95 to view each obituary or article over seven days old.  However, links to the archived obituaries which were found earlier still work in February 2015.  The Legacy version often includes a photo of the person which the archived Times Union version lacks.  I decided to add links to Legacy obituaries, but kept the Times Union links (usually called Obit2 below) in case the Legacy versions become unavailable in the future.









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Altamont Enterprise (Albany County) - 1888 to 2008


Legacy - online source of free obituaries from selected newspapers dating from about 1934 to present


Spotlight (of Delmar).  Consult index (1983-present).


Times Union (Albany) - obituaries 1993 to present



Veteran of the United States military (Army, Navy, Air Force & Coast Guard).  The lack of a flag does not mean that the person did not serve.

Photo of the person

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SS App

Social Security Applications and Claims Index


Social Security Death Index - 1962 to present (not digitized prior to 1962)




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Note: A name in parentheses (  ) at the end of a female's name is her maiden name.











Aiezza, Frances J. (DeMaria)

2015 Mar 8

Hamagrael Elem. noon monitor 25 yrs.


Ames, Harold W. 1993 May 11 bus driver in the 50s Obit below w. YB photo 

Bee, Joyce (Reinhart)

2016 Feb 4

Food service, Oct 1974 - Feb 2016

Obit  1st mg. Fursman

Bernard, Marcia A. (Sehl)

2016 Nov 18

Position & location unknown; 30 years Obit

Betor, Michael A. Sr.

2010 Oct 17

Bus driver


Boehm, Catherine 

1996 Jun 12

Librarian in several schools


Bookbinder, Harold E.  

2006 Oct 13

District Curriculum Coordinator

Obit & photo

Bookbinder, Kathryn

2005 Jan 16



Bookhout, Hamilton H.

1976 Aug 18

HS Supervising Principal (1938-1964).

Superintendent of BCSD.


Briggs, Elizabeth (Abbott)

2002 Mar 25

BCSD, just before 1963 (position??)


Brown, Richard I.

2016 Nov 16

bus driver and aide


Bucher, Patricia J. (Portley)

2015 Apr 20

Taught Kindergarten at Elsmere Elem.

Obit w. photo  

Carhart, Lynne (Carey)

2003 Jul 11

Reading & writing BCSD, 1998-2000


Carr, Suzanne (Jones) 2015 Apr 7 Instrumental Music Obit w. photo
Clark, Agnes (Gabrielsen) 2015 Sep 3 Slingerlands Elementary teacher aide; Secretary to various people and in District Business Office; 25 yrs. Obit & photo  Obit #2

Clark, Dorothy M. (Groesbeck)

2000 Jan 4

(school? subject?)


Clas, Dorothy Marie (Heimburge)

2003 Nov 11

Teacher's aide, Elsmere Elem. till 1981


Conroe, Connie M.

2005 Apr 25

Elementary school Music

Obit  Obit2

Cooke, Norrine R. (Sheldon)

2016 Dec 22

Library secretary, Hamagrael Elem.

Obit w. photo

Cyr, Leonard F., Sr.

2005 Jun 5

maintenance, location unknown


Dale, Virginia C.

1994 Nov 5

Elementary school Music


Deily, Elizabeth (Worcester)

2010 Sep 23

Elsmere Elem. Librarian 1965-1971


DeMaria, Margaret A. (Matta)

2016 Nov 20

position and school unknown

Obit w. photo

De Porte, Katherine (Thompson)

2012 Apr 19

Slingerlands Elem., 46 yrs. as noon hour teacher's aide


Dolder, Patricia A. (Wallace) 2009 Sep 4 bus monitor, school? Obit

Doyle, Ruth M.

1998 Nov 7

Music & Elementary

Obit  38 years

Drozd, Janice (Lang)

2007 Aug 23

Glenmont Elementary aide

Obit w. photo

End, Helen C.

2011 Jan 15

Slingerlands Elementary teacher 27 yrs.

Obit (photo) Obit2

Erkson, Grace (Lewis) 2009 May 26 Elsmere Elementary teacher; Glenmont Elem. principal.  BCSD almost 40 yrs. Obit

Everett, Delmer E.

1978 May 4

Business Manager, BCSD


Falvey, John J. 1991 Feb 11 Principal Clarksville & Hamagrael Elementary Schools Obit
Foy, Thomas Jr. 2011 May 17 Operating Engineer, BCSD Obit
Frueh, Gail M. (Curtis) 2008 Nov 18 Special Education Aide, school? Obit w. photo

Fuller, Clara (Yeomans)

2006 Mar 2

Glenmont Elementary School

Obit  Obit2  Age 85

Gault, Kathryn (Walker)

2013 Jun 28

Hamagrael Elementary Teacher


Geel, Agnes (Pedersen) 2016 Jun 17 cafeteria, Clarksville Elementary Obit   [Source: Richard Vanderbilt]

Hase, Edwina (Kirke or Ryder)

2006 Mar 20

Elsmere Elem., taught First Grade

Obit  Obit2

Hasselbarth, Dorothy P. (Leicht)

2008 Dec 15

Elsmere Elementary, position unknown

Obit w. photo

Henderson, Nancy Joyce [Patterson]

2014 Sep 16

Hamagrael Elem.; taught grades 1-5 for 26 yrs., prob. as both Miss Henderson and Mrs. Patterson.

Obit w. photo

Herrmann, Jeanne T.

2011 Nov 6

Elementary teacher

Obit (photo) Obit2

Herrmann, Richard J. Sr.

2014 Jun 28

Principal of Elsmere El. for 32 yrs 

Obit  Obit2

Hobbs, Virginia (Meschutt) 2011 Jul 25 position unknown Obit
Houck, Raymond N. 2004 Sep 29 bus driver 21 years Obit

Hughes, Margaret (Plume)

2008 May 24

First Grade, Glenmont Elementary

Obit (photo) Obit2

Hughes, Mildred A.

2006 Oct 18

Hamagrael Elementary, grades 1-2, 1967-1982

Obit (photo)   

Hughes, Mary Jane (DiNoto)

2011 Dec 29

Elementary School Music

Obit (photo) Obit2

Johnson, Kenneth M. 2005 Jan 23 position and school unknown Obit
Jorgensen, Ruth May (Deitz) 2015 Nov 12 position and school unknown Obit

Kawczak, Michael

2015 Jun 3

Custodian 21 yrs, HS & Clarksville

Retired 1986  Obit

Keenan, John Thomas Jr. 2013 Jun 4 driver Obit

Keyes, Martha (Mumma)

1992 Feb 22

prob. Business (school unknown)


Kinum, Rosemarie (Daghlian)

2014 Dec 28

Hamagrael Elementary Teacher

Obit w. photo

Knighton, Lucille M. (Young)

2010 Aug 27

secretary BCSD

Obit  Obit2  née Young

Kunz, Catherine (Lenny)

2011 Apr 11

Glenmont Elem., 2nd Grade, 23 yrs

Obit w. photo Obit #2

Lephart, Tilda Rose (Pacifici)

2009 Nov 11

secretary, Delmar & Elsmere Elem.

Obit  Obit2  Obit3

Lewis, Marguerite Della(Bickerstaffe) 2009 Mar 24 Glenmont & Clarksville Elementary Schools, librarian 1970-1989 Obit w. photo

Mahony, Mary C. (Calmes)

2014 May 30

Delmar Elementary, 4th Grade

Obit Obit2  photo age 108

Marriott, Frances Jean (Rilley)

2016 Mar 30

location and position unknown

Obit w. photo

Marsh, Clara M.

1994 Nov 24

teacher's aide, Clarksville Elementary

Obit below

Marsh, Howard J.

1968 Jun 12

bus driver, 19 years

Obit below 

McCammon, Schuyler E. Jr

2016 Dec 17

bus driver, 1996-2008

Obit  1/2/17

Mc Donald, Dorothy

2010 Sep 28

Principal, Clarksville Elementary

Obit w. photo

Article  Article2

Miller, Constance B.

2007 Feb 22

Elsmere & Glenmont Elementary

Obit (photo) Obit2

Miller, Donald J. Sr. 2015 Oct 15 bus driver and aide Obit w. photo
Miller, Elizabeth (Grout) 2015 Oct 31 position and location unknown Obit w. photo

Murdock, Marie Louise (Hagadorn)

2016 Jun 20

Hamagrael Elem., tutor for home bound children and noon hour playground aide


Myers, Lois Louise (Wisenburn)

2011 Nov 26

Glenmont Elementary noon hour aide

Obit w. photo

Nuzzo, Virginia (Page)

2007 Jan 20

Hamagrael Elementary, grades 1-2

Obit Obit2

O'Hare, Terrence Michael 2014 Oct 23 bus driver Obit w. photo

Paddock, Eloise F.

2006 Oct 7

Taught Music (school not stated)

Obit w. photo  Obit2

Perkins, Lona (Coursen)

2006 Feb 1

prob. secretary, location unknown

Obit Obit2  Age 87

Phillips, Gail J. (Spector)

1997 Oct 4

English (school unknown)


Pittz, Seward J.

2010 May 28

maintenance BCSD

Obit w. photo  Obit2

Posselt, Jane D. 2005 Apr 29 librarian, school unknown Obit

Ribero, Dora Jane (Lyman)

2003 Jan 16

Elsmere Elem., secretary 1952-1977


Riggs, Veronika S.

2002 Mar 21

taught 1934-1942 (subject unknown)

Obit  Obit2

Ringler, Kathryn E. (McArdle) 2009 Mar 20 cafeteria Obit w. photo

Rossman, Theron P. "Ted"

1979 Aug 14

custodian, Delmar Elementary School

Obit in Altamont Ent. gone

Rowe, Elizabeth (Abbott)

2002 Mar 25

(school and subject unknown)


Shanley, Helen E. (Sylvia) 2003 Mar 1 an aide (school unknown) Obit
Shaver, Carmita 1991 Mar 27 teacher (school unknown) retired 1968 Obit
Sheehan, Thomas F. 2004 Jan 1 bus driver 18 years Obit

Smith, Grace Hallagan

2001 Jul 17

Primary grades


Solnick, Arlene M.

2005 Oct 29

Delmar & Slingerland Elem., 35+ yrs

Obit  Obit2

St. John, Homer H. 2015 Dec 10 mechanic Obit
Stephany, Ray W. 1976 Dec 1 Principal Clarksville Elementary Obit

Stadler, John

1971 Oct 8

groundskeeper BCSD

Obit  in Altamont Ent.

Sutch, Jeanne (LeFevre)

2000 Aug 7

Elem. at Bethlehem Center & Elsmere

8 yrs.  Obit

Tanner, Gardiner W.

2012 Dec 26

Superintendent of Transportation

Obit  Obit2 

Tanner, Virginia A. (Carl)

2013 Jul 12

Clarksville Elem., "homemaker and lunch monitor"


Terko/Green, Carol (Weeks)

2012 Jan 26

Elsmere Elementary Teacher

Obit w. photo

Tice, Timothy M. 2012 Feb 23 mechanic Obit
Tracey, Thomas W. 2008 Apr 5 bus driver; noon aide at Slingerlands Elem. Obit w. photo
Trianni, Salvator 2013 Oct 16 bus driver Obit

VanDemark, Paul H.

2011 Nov 15

Health, HS / Elementary Phys. Ed.

Obit (photo)

Van Amerongen, Adele (Parker) 2014 Feb 18 Executive secretary to Superintendent 1939-1971.  Obit w. photo
VanHoesen, Ronald S. 2014 Sep 3 electrician 40 years Obit w. photo

Van Wormer, George A.

1998 Apr 17

bus driver


VanNatten, William C. Sr.

2004 Feb 2

bus driver

Obit w. photo  Obit2

Vet, Elizabeth (DeFilipo) 2013 Oct 17 noon-hour aide, Elsmere Elem. 25 years Obit

Vitillo, Cherise Marie (Majewski)

2016 Oct 31

worked at bus garage


Vitillo, Mary E. (Michele) 2014 Mar 10 cook & baker 20+ years Obit

Voorhees, Ruth (Smith)

2005 Jul 7

secretary, Business Office

Obit below with photo

Walsh, Jeanette Helen (Pace)

2001 Dec 12

Art (school not stated) 26 years


Ward, Fred

2010 Dec 14

bus driver

Obit below w. photo 

Ward, George

2017 Feb 21

bus driver

Obit below w. photo 2/25/17

Warner, Laurence A. 2011 Sep 11 custodian (school unknown) Obit

Whiting, Esther L.

1981 Apr 25

Clarksville Elem., Grade 1

Obit below    1/16/17

Whitney, Dorothy (Sullivan) 2013 Feb 19 Reading Specialist (1974), then principal & Kindergarten Teacher at Clarksville Elem., then principal of Elsmere Elementary.  Retired 2003. Obit w. photo

Wiedeman, Marie A.

2013 Jan 24

Glenmont Elementary teacher; age 103

Obit w. photo

Williams, Julie (Kellam) 2014 Jun 11 food service director Obit w. photo

Williams, Susan W. (Almindo)

2001 Dec 6

Glenmont Elementary


Wilson, Everett I. 2004 Sep 26 head of maintenance Obit

Wiltse, Maureen (Murphy)

2014 Sep 19

Third Grade, Elsmere Elementary

Obit (photo)

Wuinee, Edward

2015 Jul 6

teacher 23 years (school?, subject?)

Obit w. photo














Bridges, Norma (Shepard)

2013 Aug 13

Substitute, probably Elementary


Dering, Virginia Niven (Lyons)

1997 Nov 6

Substitute (school & subject?)


Fairbank, Elizabeth "Betty" (McConnell) 2010 Jul 25 Substitute, HS (prob. English or Latin) Obit (photo)
Huba, Patricia Ann 2012 Feb 22 Substitute, primary grades Obit
Laffin, James Robert 1984 Nov 21 Substitute, Science, sometime between 1976 and Apr 1980 Obit w. photo

Leonard, Agnes Ellen (Wilcox)

2006 Sep 25

Substitute, Music 30+ years

Obit age 108, Obit#2 w. photo

Miles, Marie (Bartholomew) 2013 Dec 18 Substitute, prob. Business Obit w. photo

Morosoff, Merna (Rosensweig)

1994 Jun 3

Substitute, English (school unknown)


Newell, Florence (Somerville)

1995 Jan 29

Substitute, HS Business

Obit below Age 80

Thorne, Vivian (Hillier) 2005 Dec 10 Substitute, prob. Business Obit w. photo

Tice, Donna L. (Bulson)

2002 Dec 15

Substitute, HS (subject unknown)

Obit below. Mrs. Bulson

Tilaro, Elizabeth M. (Manley)

2004 Jun 27

Substitute, Elementary


Wenzl, Pauline (Bader)

2005 Dec 31

Substitute (subject & school unknown)

Obit  Born 1910







Ames, Harold W.  --  [Published 5/26/1993 in the Spotlight, Delmar, NY]



Marsh, Clara M  --  [Published 11/30/1994 in the Spotlight, Delmar, NY]


Marsh, Howard J.  --  [Published 6/14/1968 in the Knickerbocker News, Albany, NY]



Newell, Florence  --  [Published Sat. 1/31/1995 in the Times Union, Albany, NY - pg B7]

GLENMONT  --  Florence Somerville Newell, 80, died Sunday at the Good Samaritan Nursing Home in Delmar.

    Mrs. Newell was born in Amsterdam and lived in Glenmont most of her life. She was a graduate of the Albany State Teachers College. 

    She taught business education in Homer, Cortland County, and Coxsackie high schools. Mrs. Newell was a substitute business teacher for the Bethlehem Central High School in Delmar, and was also a tutor of disabled students. She operated the Sandy Creek Farm for 30 years with her late husband, Ernest A. Newell.

Mrs. Newell was a member of the Delmar Reformed Church for 56 years, and taught Sunday School there. She was also a board member of the Bethlehem Public Library in Delmar.

    Survivors include two sons, Thomas E. Newell of Selkirk and James W. Newell of Philadelphia; one sister, Edith Foster of Colonie; one brother, John Somerville of Oswego; and two granddaughters.

    A service will be 11 a.m. Wednesday at the Delmar Reformed Church, 386 Delaware Ave., Delmar.

Contributions may be made to the Delmar Reformed Church Endowment Fund, or the Bethlehem Public Library.


Tice, Donna L.  --  [Published 12/17/2002 in the Times Union, Albany, NY, pg B7]

SLINGERLANDS -- Donna L. Tice, 56, died Sunday evening at St. Peter's Hospital. 

    Mrs. Tice was born in Albany and was the daughter of the late Stanton and Alice Bulson. She was a graduate of Bethlehem Central High School, SUNY Albany and St. Rose College. Mrs. Tice was a teacher at the W.K. Doyle Middle School in Troy for 20 years, retiring in September 2002. Previously, she taught at the St. Thomas Grade School in Delmar and was a substitute teacher at the Bethlehem Central High School. Mrs. Tice was a communicant of the Church of St. Thomas the Apostle in Delmar. 

    Mrs. Tice is survived by her son, Jason M. Tice of Slingerlands and many cousins and friends. 

    Relatives and friends may call at the Applebee Funeral Home, 403 Kenwood Ave., Delmar on Wednesday from 4 to 8 p.m. A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated on Thursday at 11:00 a.m. at the Church of St. Thomas the Apostle, 35 Adams Place, Delmar. Interment will be in Eagle Mills Cemetery, Brunswick, N.Y. Contributions in Mrs. Tice's memory may be sent to the W.K. Doyle Middle School, 1976 Burdett Ave., Troy, NY 12180 or the Delmar Rescue Squad, 145 Adams St., Delmar, NY 12054.


Voorhees, Ruth S.   --  [Published 7/10/2005 - 7/11/2005 in the Times Union, Albany, NY]




SLINGERLANDS  --  Ruth S. Voorhees, of Slingerlands, passed away July 7, 2005 at Camp Journey's End, her family's camp at Arnold Lake in Milford, N.Y. 

    Ruth was born in Albany on June 11, 1930, the daughter of the late Earl W. and Marian (Hoffman) Smith and attended Albany High School. 

    She worked as a secretary for the New York State Law Department, the Slingerlands United Methodist Church, the Bethlehem Youth Employment Service and retired as the secretary to the assistant superintendent of instruction for the Bethlehem Central School District. After retirement, she continued her education at HVCC and Russell Sage College. Her memberships included the Bethlehem Garden Club, the Delmar Progress Club, the Bethlehem Beautification Committee, the D.A.R., the VFW Ladies Auxiliary and the Slingerlands United Methodist Church. Ruth enjoyed gardening and her home, loved working with flowers and doing crossword puzzles and was an avid reader. She loved to write and had won several awards for her works. 

    She is survived by her husband, Henry V. Voorhees; a son, Jeffrey E. (Gail) Voorhees of Glenmont; a daughter, Alison V. (Nicholas) Kurtessis of Delmar; a sister, Marian S. (Albert) Davis of Slingerlands; four grandchildren, James Kurtessis of N.C., Katherine R. Kurtessis of Delmar and Robert H. and Katherine A. Voorhees, both of Glenmont; a special cousin, Nancy Hoffman of Delmar; many nieces, nephews, cousins and her beloved dog, Rosie. 

    Relatives and friends are invited to call on Tuesday from 4 to 8 p.m. at the Applebee Funeral Home, 403 Kenwood Ave., Delmar. A funeral service will be held 10 a.m. Wednesday at the Delmar Reformed Church, 386 Delaware Ave., Delmar. Burial will be in Bethlehem Cemetery. Those who wish may send a remembrance in her name to the Bethlehem Garden Club, P.O. Box 485, Delmar, NY 12054. 


Ward, Fred   --  [Published 12/17/2010 in the Times Union, Albany, NY]  [Link to same.]


Ward, George   --  [Published 2/21/2017 in The Altamont Enterprise, Altamont, NY]


Whiting, Esther L. 





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