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The following Guest Book messages were left online for Margaret Dinova and Doris Marie Quinn on the site of the Times Union newspaper (Albany, NY).  Each guest book is in a different font color.




Guest Book for Margaret A. Dinova

August 20, 2004 
On behalf of my sister, thank you for sharing your memories, and for your friendship during her life. 
Joann DiNova (Santa Rosa, CA )

August 23, 2004 
My Dear Margaret.....What wonderful memories of New York trips.....Goodspeed Opera adventures....and travelling all over to see Frank Langella......and our yearly August countdowns to the opening of school!!!!! These are a lifetime collection of priceless remembrances.....Rest in peace.. 

Richard Feldman (East Greenbush, NY ) 

August 24, 2004 
For Margaret 
(Adapted from "Funeral Blues" by W.H. Auden) 

Stop all the clocks, cut off the phone, 
Reassure Jemmy and Scout they won't be alone. 
Silence the pianos and with muffled drum 
Don't bring out a coffin, she didn't want one. 

She was my North, my South, my East and West, 
My working week and my Sunday rest, 
My Friday night talk, my soothing song; 
I thought she'd last forever; but I was wrong. 

She could recall the day when we first met, which I don't remember, 
For in my mind she'd always been there, by my side, forever and ever. 
How funny to think she was introduced as my 'baby-sitter.' 
When at that moment a bond was born which death will not sever. 

That night I was walking down Broadway thinking of our upcoming call, 
I had so much to tell you, trying to think how I could tell it all. 
Stories I knew that would make you laugh, 
Grammar mistakes you would find aghast. 

I had a dream last night where I simply dialed heaven, 
It was a Friday night, at the stroke of seven. 
When it was over, I woke knowing I still had to start, 
Another day with a hole in my heart. 

You were my mother, my sister, my protector, my dearest friend, 
I was a fool to think you could stay with me until my end. 
Our laughs, our talks, your comfort, your tone, 
Silenced now, my touchstone gone. 

It was a cruel joke God played on you with the body he gave, 
Which thankfully now has gone to its grave. 
I dream now of the moment when you pass through the pearly gate -- 
Frank Langella on your arm, his hand on your butt, which is now a size eight. 

A stunning face with perhaps a sexy Cindy Crawford mole, 
Looks as fabulous, to match your soul. 
My childish fantasy that God will repay, 
For the suffering he caused you before he took you away. 

The stars are not wanted now: put out every one; 
Pack up the moon and dismantle the sun; 
Pour away the ocean and sweep up the wood, 
God summoned Margaret much sooner than he should. 

AML, Dia 
Dia Stein (New York, NY ) 
August 25, 2004 
Dear Margaret, 

My friend for over 40 years. How I loved your sense of humor, your infectious laugh and your always being there for me. You truly had an ability to make people feel that you were always there for them. 

From our time in college together to the last time we talked, our friendship was very special to me. 

I will miss you very much. 

P.S. I'm still very upset with you for never writing a humorous book about your life experiences. 
Carol Gerard (Los Angeles, CA ) 

August 27, 2004 
It's not real. I can't believe I can't pick up the phone and pour out my triumphs and woes to a willing listener. I first Marg at Bethlehem High when she took a new sub under her wing...and subsequently gave me plenty of jobs, especially on cold, snowy mornings. Later, she was my "on line" dictionary, grammar consultant, and mother confessor. I still chuckle at some of our adventures, and at remembering that she took an indelible marker with her when she ran Margaretransit to correct the grammar on signs at the various Thruway stops. (I checked the dictionary to make sure indelible had only one "L" lest lightening should strike this entry) 
I grieve not so much for her, because I know how limited her last months were, but for me. With whom shall I share the latest joke, cartoon and gossip? And who will discuss all those mystery novels with me? I miss you much Marg! 
Barbara Beck-Zautner (Glenmont, NY ) 

August 29, 2004 
Margaret wasn't my cousin, but growing up we called each other that. My best memories include Margaret---Margaret, Joann and me at my grandfather's cabin on Lake Myosotis. The three of us laughing, carrying on, laughing, then laughing some more. "Marguerette go wash your feet, the board of health's across the street," is a jingle from those days that's been spinning through my head ever since I heard of her death. I only saw Margaret once during the years of her illness. For me, she'll always be my cousin that really wasn't, and we'll always be having fun together on Lake Myosotis. 
Christine Korfhage 

October 14, 2004 
i've never written in an obituary guest book so please bear with me. i guess i'm writing here since margaret isn't here to listen to me anymore. i learned of margaret's passing after the fact when i tried to contact her by phone in 10/04 to see if she wanted to meet my 7 mo old twins benjamin and samantha when i returned to delmar for the 20th reunion of the bethlehem central high school class of 1984. i had a bad feeling when the message stated that her line had been disconnected. since i live in atlanta, ga i hunted around and my worst fears were confirmed by finding her obituary in the times union online. ms dinova as she will always be to me, was my touchstone in many divergent areas and i have 2 email folders of her jokes and stories i've saved over the years. margaret was my detective fiction and expository writing teacher and since being in the south for 16 years, i've relied on her being in my head to prevent me from slipping into bubbaville speech and written communication. we kept in touch through the years and chatted often when i was on 6 mos of bedrest. she called to let me know how much she loved the baby announcement picture of ben and sammie and i wish i had more time to talk to her but i had to attend to the babies. she said we would talk later. i hope she knows how much she will be missed and how much she meant to everyone she touched. i made sure she was remembered at the bchs class of 1984 reunion this past weekend. many people there agreed that she was one of kind and made a lasting impression on their lives. someone had written in this guest book about frank langella escorting margaret through the pearly gates. i find it ironic that just this weekend christopher reeve also passed away. i guess he knew margaret was waiting for him. now i know she is really in heaven with both of her 2 favorite men. margaret, i will miss you but always know that you will never be forgotten. 
laura propp postell (roswell, GA ) 



Guest Book for Doris Marie Quinn

January 11, 2005 
Aunt Doris taught us to enjoy God's beautiful creation. We're 
missing her, but we'll meet up again soon. 
Joanne Darling (NY ) 

January 11, 2005 
I still remember pulling into the driveway where Doris lived with Grandma Quinn when I was in about the 8th grade. Dad was driving a camper across country. Doris took one look at the bug-encrusted upper windows and stated, "They will never have the guts to do THAT again"! 
I remember hiking in Yosemite with Doris and getting flooded out of our camping site several times. 
I still have the wonderful classic books that she sent every year at Christmas. 
She was a very special woman. She's home now and I am happy for her. Love, Katie 
Katie Quinn (Lewiston, CA ) 

January 11, 2005 
Dear family of Doris Quinn, I was very sorry to read of the passing of Doris. My late husband, Thomas J. Atkinson, was a fellow teacher and friend of Doris. Before we moved to Arizona, we would often see Doris at OLA on Sunday after mass. She was a wonderful lady and will be missed by all her students and friends. She led a great life. 
Elizabeth Atkinson (Mesa, AZ ) 

January 11, 2005 
More than anything, I remember how Doris was always up to join any board game, any activity, any event. When I was young, in my heart I always felt she was 'one of us' - a child at heart, with a quiet appreciation of the world. In my mind's eye, I see Doris and Dad together, young, energetic, with their pure souls basking in God's light. I truly believe both just walked straight into God's kingdom as they paid their dues in their last years on this earth. 
Teri Robertson (San Diego, CA ) 

January 12, 2005 
Thanks Aunt Doris, see you sooner or later. 
Michael S Quinn (HI ) 



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