Science Department Group Photos

Bethlehem Central High School Yearbooks (1969-1996)

Delmar, NY


by Clifford Lamere    February 2015



The BCHS yearbooks only occasionally contained a group photo of the members of the Science Department.  For the time period of 1969-1996 there were eight such photos.  These occured in the years 1969, 1970, 1971, 1980, 1993, 1994, 1995 and 1996.


Teachers often used scientific props.  Over the years, the biology teachers were particularly good at this.



Norman Shartzer shows that he is able to handle a fire extinguisher in case of an emergency.  Roger Quackenbush holds a ceramic frog. 

Thomas Cunningham holds a potted plant.  Thomas Watthews holds an insect collection and an aquatic net.






Roger Quackenbush is holding a human skull.  Thomas Watthews is holding a small D-frame aquatic dip net.

The chemistry room had a leak in the flat roof, so Clifford Lamere is holding sign that says "Leak".

George Stagnitta is holding an umbrella and Miss Dunham is holding a mop.

The waste basket and trash barrel were used to catch dripping water.





Thomas Cunningham is holding a stuffed caiman (alligator).  Thomas Watthews is holding a cow skull minus the lower jaw.






Roger Quackenbush is holding a human skull.  Andrew Joachim may be holding a stuffed opossum.

Bruce Wadsworth is holding a spectrophotometer.  Thomas Watthews is holding an aquatic dip net and a stuffed woodcock.





Bruce Wadsworth is holding a world globe.  Norman Shartzer rests on a box holding 22.4 liters of gas.

In front of Thomas Cunningham is a log with a cardinal specimen atop it.

Andrew Joachim shows the binoculars used to teach birds to some of his students.











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