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Early History of Delmar High School and Bethlehem Central High School



Deceased Teachers -  High School & Middle School - over 100

     Guest Book for Margaret Dinova and Doris Quinn

Deceased Non-Teaching Staff - High School & Middle School - over 50

Deceased Staff - District-wide Non-teaching Staff plus Elementary & Substitute Teachers - over 180

     (includes administrators, guidance counselors, secretaries, custodians, bus drivers, aides,

     nurses, cafeteria personnel, business office personnel, etc.)

Deceased Graduates - All Years - over 900 obituaries.  Only those with obituaries are listed.

Deceased Graduates Named in the 1993 Alumni Directory - 413   12/3/2017

Deceased Students - who were attending BCHS at the time of their death - at least 25

Deceased - Class of 1964  (now part of All Years above.  However, this webpage lists some deceased whose obituaries could not be found.  It also has classmate comments.  But it is not being updated, so the All Years webpage will have some deceased graduates not on this webpage.  You should examine both webpages.



Andrew Joachim - Biology Teacher and special friend

Andrew Joachim - Biology Teacher - Yearbook Photos

Andrew Joachim (author) - Demonstrating Flight & Critical Distances as Survival Strategies in Living Crayfish

Andrew Joachim - Bird research outside of school involving students

     Heinrich Joachim - well-known cellist, father of Andy

     Heinrich Joachim - US Supreme Court

Warren Kullman - Science Supervisor 1964-1977, teacher 1955-1964

Clifford Lamere - Earth Science Teacher - Yearbook Photos

Norman Shartzer - Chemistry Teacher - Yearbook Photos

Thomas Watthews - Biology Teacher - Yearbook Photos

BCHS Science Department - Group Photo - 1970 Yearbook

BCHS Science Department - Group Yearbook Photos -  1969-1971, 1980, 1993-1996

Science Supervisors -  c1949-2015 (year of first BCSD science supervisor is uncertain)



Webster MacDonald - Industrial Arts Teacher

Louis Spelich - Art (HS)

Staff Photos - BCHS 1961-1983 (majority are 1963)

Faculty Photos - BCHS 1964-66



Guide to Preserving and Displaying Obituaries



Alma Mater (words to school song)

Near the mountain's silent splendor and the Hudson wide; Nobly stands our Alma Mater filling us with pride.
Sing the praise of Bethlehem Central, fight to bring her fame; Conquer all who dare to challenge, glorify her name.
Though we pass outside her portals when our days are through; orange and black her grand old colors, we will honor you.
Sing the praise of Bethlehem Central, fight to bring her fame; Conquer all who dare to challenge, glorify her name.





Bethlehem Central School District - official site

Bethlehem Central High School - official site

Bethlehem Public Library

   Bethlehem Central High School Yearbooks 1929-2016.  Select a decade, then a year.

   Obituaries in the Spotlight 1983 - present, and Albany County Post 1927 - 1943

   Directory of the Town of Bethlehem Cemeteries

   Records of the People of the Town of Bethlehem  (complete 461 pg book) - baptisms,

        marriages, censuses, cemetery records, and more.  A pdf file, it must be

        downloaded, then searched.

   Past Families in the Town of Bethlehem

   Spotlight newspaper issues 1955-2011


 Class of 1951 (website) 

 Class of 1960 (website)   45th Reunion Photos

 Class of 1961 (website)

 Class of 1963 (website)  Photos of class play

 Class of 1964 (webite)  Also see my page of deceased members above.

 Class of 1967 (website)  50th reunion October 20-21, 2017.

 Class of 1968 (website) 10/22/2017

 Class of 1972 - 30th Reunion Photos

 Class of 1973 - 30th Reunion Photos

 Class of 1974 (website) x   30th Reunion Photos

 Class of 1977 * (website)   30th Reunion Photos   Fallen Classmates

 Class of 1987 (website) x





I Am An Eagle

A new song about Bethlehem Central by Mike DeAngelis

(Retired Middle School Physical Education Teacher & Coach; BCHS Class of 1979)


Mike DeAngelis wrote and performed this song as a tribute to his former colleagues and his beloved alma mater.

It was presented at Staff Opening Day on August 31, 2016.






Mike DeAngelis

Songwriter, Acoustic Guitar &

Vocals, Co-Producer

Retired BCMS Physical Education Teacher/Coach;

BCHS Class of 1979

Scott Apicelli


Owner/Manager of Blue Sky Studios;

BCHS Class of 1986

Eddie Hotaling

Recording Engineer at Blue Sky Studios

BCHS Class of 2005

Rob Lindquist


Band Director in Albany City Schools

Ace Parkhurst

Acoustic Guitar, Recording Engineer, Co-Producer

Owner of The Bombshelter recording studio

Ed Tourge

Bass Guitar

Retired Music Teacher Albany City Schools


Recorded fall 2015 at The Bombshelter recording studio in Albany, NY & at Blue Sky Studios in Delmar, NY.

Mixed & mastered at The Bombshelter.



Videos of BC students singing I Am An Eagle.


Bethlehem Central 2017 Choral Festival (Mike DeAngelis on guitar) (link)

Bethlehem Central High School 2017 Graduation (link)




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